Inca Boots Size 6 Red

Handmade, high quality, one-of-a-kind Inca Boots! Beautiful suede and featuring amazing handwoven, traditional wool blanket inlays from the high altitude Andes mountains of Peru, the former capital of the Incan Empire. They really are stunning and the photos hardly do them justice! Every pair is a work of art.

The traditional designs of the blankets are often dreamed by the women of the high Andes and passed on from generation to generation. The motifs and patterns represent the elements, aspects of the natural world such as flowers, stars and animals and everyday life in the Andes. The fabric is sourced direct from the women weavers which helps to support the continuation of their time honoured, traditional craft. Many still use traditional dyes made from plants, flowers, insects and earth.

The boots have high quality workboot soles and great quality, sturdy zips.
The lining is a comfortable mix of cotton and polyester.

This pair is a Size 6 (Australian Womens/36 European).
Sole measurements are 25.7cm length/9.5cm width.
The calf is 37.3cm around.

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