Inca Boots
Medicine Boots

Bootyfull Footwear

Handmade in the high altitude Andes Mountains of Peru, in the former capital of the Incan empire, every pair of Bootyfull boots is a one-off work of art! Gorgeous, colourful suede is combined with handwoven, traditional Peruvian fabric inlays to create super comfy boots with loads of WOW factor. All boots have quality soles and zips and are a fair trade collaboration between Bootyfull and their amazing artisan friends in Peru.

Inca Boots

Inca Boots feature traditional, handwoven wool blanket inlays. Sooo beautiful! The blankets are sourced directly from the weavers (who are descended from the Incas), these boots are all one-offs.

NEW!!! Medicine Boots

Medicine Boots feature the traditional, intricately hand sewn fabric of the Shipibo people of the Amazon Jungle in the Peru. The fabric was sourced by Bootyfull while recently in Peru from a Shipibo friend. The Shipibo are famous for their deep knowledge of plant medicines. The designs depict the visions experienced during sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

Medicine Boots are strictly limited…ONLY 50 PAIRS MADE!!! Yes only 50 pairs exist on the planet and only available from Bootfyull until sold out…So don’t dilly dally :)